Supplier Catalogs Take off at America West

Airline uses SAQQARA service to create, host and manage Web-based MRO catalogs

Airline uses SAQQARA service to create, host and manage Web-based MRO catalogs

San Jose, CA — June 26, 2003 — America West Airlines is set to use a catalog management solution from SAQQARA to create, host and manage private, customized Web-based catalogs for the airline's maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) suppliers nationwide.

Phoenix-based America West, the nation's second largest low-fare airline, will use SAQQARA's Catalog Management Service (CMS) with the goals of improving spend management and achieving maximum e-procurement return on investment (ROI) by increasing the amount of useable catalog content for e-procurement implementations.

The airline began searching last year for a solution that could quickly add more suppliers and better manage updates of existing supplier catalogs. After reviewing a half-dozen potential suppliers, America West chose the SAQQARA service based on price, features and ease of use.

In January 2003 America West began the implementation of CMS, and by the end of the second quarter of 2003, the airline will be using the service as a complete supplier enablement and catalog management solution, creating, hosting and managing customized Web-based catalogs for each of America West's MRO suppliers company-wide.

"We chose to use CMS for our MRO suppliers because it was a truly global and affordable solution," said Shane Zimmerman, manager for purchasing programs at America West. "It's easy-to-use and can quickly and accurately upload and manage supplier catalogs. CMS enables our suppliers to manage their own catalogs with automatic updates and changes available in 'real-time.' This saves us a tremendous amount of time, which in turn equates to increased productivity for America West employees."

SAQQARA manages America West's entire catalog management process for MRO suppliers, including supplier engagement, content acquisition, content transformation and publication for use through a supplier's e-procurement system. Through an exception management and filtering process, America West can now review and approve content changes while maintaining control over what end-users see.

SAQQARA says that CMS leverages economies of scale, repeatable processes, reusable rules and software automation to provide rapid supplier enablement, while the customized content and intuitive environment maximizes user adoption. The service also helps lower the cost of acquiring, transforming and managing catalog content, according to the solution provider.