Brushing Up on BPM

Six Sigma Qualtec hosts business process management training program, promises improvements in two months

Six Sigma Qualtec hosts business process management training program, promises improvements in two months

Tempe, AZ — July 2 — Six Sigma Qualtec (SSQ), a provider of Six Sigma process improvement training and certification to corporations, today announced the introduction of its Business Process Management (BPM) training program, which it said is designed to help companies focus on the delivery of services to their customers. SSQ said the program is specifically designed to produce improvements in the way companies do business in as little as two months.

The provider said its new training program incorporates process improvement on an enterprise-wide basis, from initially determining a customer's needs to post-sales customer satisfaction. It added that, with training, performance gaps can be identified and, with quantitative data, performance improvement projects can be prioritized, thus moving the corporation away from so-called "functional silos" and toward a unified approach to delivering consistent customer value.

Going beyond traditional Six Sigma training, SSQ said the BPM curriculum teaches companies to deliver products and services in a more effective and efficient manner. According to SSQ, BPM is designed to align business processes with customer requirements; establish effective measurements for evaluating success; identify and define key business processes; ensure that the company's strategic vision, customer focus, business objectives and goals are clearly defined and measurable; and recognize and prioritize opportunities for performance improvement.

SSQ said its BPM program also enables companies to make decisions about re-organization and restructuring, maintain margins, increase revenue potential, plan and integrate acquisitions, and accelerate returns on Six Sigma.

Chris Maurer, Six Sigma director at Graphic Packaging Corp., a North American folding carton-packaging supplier to the food, beverage and other consumable products markets, said that at the heart of his company's Six Sigma program is a Process Management System. "We develop and expect our employees to understand their business processes, the critical inputs that drive the desired outputs and to gather with the outmost degree of integrity the critical data that characterizes process performance," he explained. "Six Sigma Qualtec was our consultant partner in developing this framework. Implementation resulted in a stronger project pool both in size and impact to our business which has driven breakthrough results for our customers, shareholders and employees."

"Customer loyalty depends more than ever before on the ability of companies to deliver what clients want when they want it," said Lynn Monkelien, Six Sigma Qualtec's program manager. "Our Business Process Management training helps companies better structure their business processes to meet clients' needs, either in combination with or independent of Six Sigma implementations. That gives them a competitive, and quantifiable, advantage in the marketplace."