Head's Up on Equipment Performance

New software to help Dynegy Inc. monitor two additional facilities and their equipment

New software to help Dynegy Inc. monitor two additional facilities and their equipment

Chicago, IL — July 10, 2003 — SmartSignal Corp., a provider of predictive technology for equipment condition monitoring, today announced expansion plans by Dynegy Inc. to install SmartSignal Equipment Condition Monitoring (eCM) software in two additional power stations.

In December 2002, Dynegy, based in Houston, began using SmartSignal technology in the three units at its 1,800 megawatt Baldwin Energy Complex, located at Baldwin, Ill. With the new installations, a total of six units at three Dynegy power stations will be using SmartSignal real-time monitoring technology.

According to Dynegy, the expanded use of SmartSignal technology on the three additional units will allow real-time monitoring of facility processes to determine any operational abnormalities prior to a significant equipment failure. Unit 6 at the Havana Power Station in Havana, Ill. and Wood River Units 4 & 5, in Alton, Ill. are expected to install the predictive software this summer.

SmartSignal said its eCM software is designed to provide insight into the health and performance of key assets, giving companies advanced early warning of abnormal machine and process behavior that lead to failure. The early warning capability enables power generators to reduce maintenance spending, improve generation availability and increase return-on-assets, according to SmartSignal. Dynegy said it is using SmartSignal eCM to monitor a wide range of equipment including steam turbine-driven boiler feedwater pumps, generators, condensers, electro-static precipitators and pulverizers.

"We're pleased to expand our working relationship with Dynegy. The SmartSignal technology will allow Dynegy to continue to identify potential operational issues in more units in real time so staff may perform small scale maintenance as needed rather than time consuming, expensive larger maintenance projects," said Gary Conkright, CEO of SmartSignal Corp.