Speaking the Same Language

New vocabulary management solution designed for industry-specific application integration

New vocabulary management solution designed for industry-specific application integration

Mountain View, CA — July 28, 2003 — Contivo Inc., a provider of automated data integration, today announced the availability of Contivo Vocabulary Management Solutions designed for application implementation and integration within high-tech manufacturing, petroleum and chemical industries.

Contivo said its Vocabulary Management Solution provides companies with platform-independent tools to achieve results on application implementation and integration projects.

Components of the Vocabulary Management Solution Sets include a purpose-built vocabulary, which is a pre-built vocabulary developed for specific industries; pre-configured data models and formats; the Contivo Repository, which provides central storage and management of the business vocabulary, the data and document models and the resulting data integration designs; and Contivo Analyst, which provides tools to customize the vocabulary, data models and maps to meet the unique needs of the end user.

The provider said the advantages of rapid implementation include cost savings on implementation services, averaging a 40 percent reduction on the time spent on the task of data mapping and transformation.

According to the recent Gartner Strategic Analysis, "Hype Cycle for Application Integration and Platform Middleware 2003," "Vocabulary-based semantic transformation may eventually reduce the development time needed to implement the majority of application integration scenarios. Business processes that require integration of systems with disparate data models will be implemented at lower cost and without as much custom coding," the report stated.

Contivo Vocabulary Management Solutions Sets are available immediately.