V3 Systems Mobilizes Supply Chain Execution

V3 Systems Fully Enables Windows Mobile Devices With Complete Supply Chain Execution and WMS Using .NET Compact Framework

V3 Systems Fully Enable Windows Mobile Devices With Complete Supply Chain Execution and WMS Using .NET Compact Framework

Charlotte, NC— July 30, 2003—V3 Systems, provider of supply chain execution software for global manufacturers and 3PLs, announced today that it is has mobilized its full suite of supply chain execution capabilities using the newly released Windows Mobile 2003 software for Pocket PC and Microsoft .NET Compact Framework.

This new capability, which will be marketed as V3.Mobile, extends V3's full enterprise functionality to mobile and wireless PDA devices, allowing users rich and interactive ways to manage all aspects of inventory, from raw materials to service parts across interconnected supply chain networks in a secure environment.

Leveraging the power of Windows Mobile and V3's Microsoft .Net Application Architecture, V3's capabilities will now extend to mobile devices to support full inventory lifecycle management including: inbound logistics management, outbound logistics management (including merge/merge-in-transit) as well as reverse and services logistics management. V3.Mobile will provide seamless access to connected users both inside and outside the traditional four-walls using any Pocket PC, Microsoft Smartphone, or other device supporting Microsoft's Compact Framework and connected through WiFi or GPRS.

"Around 10 million PDAs are sold each year, and with the proliferation of wireless network technologiessuch as 2.5G, 3G and 802.11bmobile devices can connect to global and corporate networks with increasing ease, said Ashley Campbell. Customers who manage fast-moving supply chains have long seen the utility of field access to their SCE and WMS enterprise networks, but only now with Windows Mobile and .NET Compact Framework has anyone been able to deliver on that vision. V3 Systems is proud to be among the companies taking the lead in enabling the mobile workforce to improve productivity and provide enhanced customer service.