Alliance Announced by Demand Management Inc. and SalesManagement Solutions

SalesManagement Solutions Closes the Loop on Demand Planning and SalesPipeline Management

SalesManagement Solutions Closes the Loop on Demand Planning and Sales Pipeline Management

ATLANTA, GA — July 31, 2003—Demand Management, Inc. (DMI), a supplier of demand forecasting and demand planning software, announces an alliance with SalesManagement Solutions, a leading supplier of sales pipeline and opportunity management software. Concurrently, SalesManagement Solutions announces availability of integration points between its Salesmanager-Pro(tm) and Demand Solutions.

"Linking Salesmanager-Pro with Demand Solutions will provide significant
additional value for our customers," said DMI President and CEO Mike
Campbell. "Offering a formal planning, control and execution system
integrated with our industry leading forecasting and demand planning
software, we've enhanced the value customers can gain from their formal
sales and operations planning processes."

"Until now there have been no real effective solutions that seamlessly
link a company's forecasting and demand planning processes with a
disciplined sales pipeline and opportunity management process," said
Craig Wibby, Managing Director of SalesManagement Solutions.
"Integration of demand planning and sales pipeline management provides a
real opportunity to improve company effectiveness and profitability."

Wibby also emphasized the value to companies in other industries such as
insurance, banking, logistics, distribution and construction, where the
organization has an annual budgeting process and monthly review of the
Operations Plan. "All these industries can realize increased value by
implementing the Demand Solutions Sales and Operations Planning module
and link it with our sales pipeline management tools," he said.

"Effective tools that provide visibility and feedback to properly manage
and evaluate execution of the sales plan have been a missing link in
sales and operations planning," according to Al Stevens, a
SalesManagement Solutions Board Member and internationally recognized
consultant in Sales and Operations Planning.