AuriQ Systems' New e-Business Analytical Solution

Seeks to deliver real-time ROI for Web initiatives

Seeks to deliver real-time ROI for Web initiatives

Pasadena, CA July 31, 2003 AuriQ Systems, Inc., a provider of real-time e-business analytics, recently introduced a new approach to optimize online campaigns with RTmetrics". RTmetrics" is a unique business solution for measuring web activities in REAL-TIME using a rules-based engine for reporting and analysis. This approach eliminates the need to manage and analyze traditional log files to create management reporting. This scalable, third generation enterprise-level solution changes rules for the delivery of real-time reporting by providing on-line capture of the performance of e-business initiatives including opt-ins, web site performance, marketing on the web, hop-links and affiliates, e-mail campaigns and wireless and PDA access points on the whim of marketing managers and executives.

Users can utilize RTmetrics" to quickly optimize their web based business strategies. The solution is network and applications independent allowing RTmetrics" to be operational and provide site performance reporting the same day it is installed. On-demand-reporting differentiates this next generation product by providing immediate and dynamic feedback in greater detail, with higher flexibility than traditional analytics tools. RTmetrics" simplifies and accelerates the availability of key user behavior and attitude reporting in the most complex and high-traffic environments. The information, reporting and analysis obtained through RTmetrics" optimize online and e-mail campaigns by providing proactive views of consumer reactions to multiple marketing channels and campaign approaches.

Online campaigns can be adjusted quickly with RTmetrics". Instantaneously, the software reports where a visitor came from, why he/she came, what is being viewed, what content was used in onsite searches, which part of a web site they stayed the longest, and so much more, all critical factors the host needs to know to audit campaigns. RTmetrics" does this non-intrusively without bogging down the site with intensive and lengthy log files or requiring web sites to be designed with massive coding and meta tags that require additional support and cost prohibitive analysis weeks and months after the information could have made a difference.

During the beta testing of the solution, our customer exploited the extensive filtering tools, stated Mr. Ko Ikudome, President of AuriQ Systems, Inc. This allowed him to quickly determine what was working and adjust his initiatives within minutes of their launch.

As a result, the customer was able to increase sales by 30%, while reducing marketing expenses by nearly one third, Mr. Ikudome added.

RTmetrics" achieves its high level of analysis by taking advantage of the information and instructions sent bilaterally between a visiting computer and the host/website and can do so across multiple platforms and servers. Because the software obtains information through the handshaking process, privacy issues are less of an issue.

It is also rules-based using a unique combination of query, analysis, reporting, and OLAP functionality making it more interactive, accurate and user friendly versus using logic based programming, where at some point data will later have to be assiduously analyzed in lengthy reports that miss or omit data. RTmetrics" quickly assembles the obtained data and builds a profile of each visitor because it can determine such things as what brought them to the site, where they went while there and what was viewed  even tell how long pages were read.

This plug-n-play tool lets users quantify the changing, spontaneous marketplace more accurately and faster to meet the ever-changing needs of online marketing. Information gleaned from the reports let users design e-mail campaigns that are more flexible and more reactive to visitors, determine which campaign, list, banner ads, search sponsorships, or informative content delivered the highest returns, before the day is over. Web site page changes, discount sales, better traffic manipulation, information responses and more can be made instantly rather than waiting days or weeks. This ability to quantify sales promotions, lead development, site recurring traffic and much more allows companies to adjust on the fly to meet ebb and flows of the market place.

RTmetrics" enables a manager to determine the overall performance on a web site and marketing strategies in real-time. It negates the time consuming need for third party analysis or having a dedicated staff comb through lengthy log/text files to glean pertinent information.