NTE Offers Enhanced Visibility with Version 2.0 of NTE View"

New level of real-time visibility helps customers with competitiveness

New level of real-time visibility helps customer with competitiveness

DOWNERS GROVE, IL —July 31, 2003—NTE, Inc., a provider of on-line transportation software solutions today announced the release of NTE View" Version 2.0. NTE View" customers can now gain even more competitive advantage through a new level of real-time visibility in purchase order (P.O.) and shipment processing, including SKU-level detail.

Members can also electronically resolve disputes directly through the enhanced NTE View" application. Included in this latest version is the capability to append, store, and share actual electronic pictures of shipment conditions at pick-up and delivery. Users can simultaneously search, access, view, and attach comments to shipment condition pictures associated with specific orders and shipments, whether they are the customer's quality assurance, transportation or compliance teams, or outside vendor, consolidator or carrier members of the NTE View" community. The historical data necessary for performance reporting and auditing is collected and stored, and is easily accessible to authorized users of the application.

"We believe NTE View" is best in its class in providing true real-time visibility and exception management that is easy and affordable to implement and use. It's extremely useful and valuable for all users to have the power to actually see an order from P.O. to shipment and delivery, and even more importantly, to create business rules that trigger exceptions in time to really do something about them," stated Jim Davidson, NTE's chief executive officer.

Additional enhanced functionality includes SKU level visibility, the ability for shippers and vendors to add in collect and prepaid backhaul freight, new user managed warnings and exception status for exceeding certain shipment volume tolerances, expanded EDI 753 and 754 processing, cancelled P.O. visibility, and enhanced tracking and searching capabilities.

"All of these latest NTE View" enhancements came directly from user recommendations, and they have applicability and value to everyone," said Davidson. "That's one of the real customer value points of the NTE model, where all customers immediately benefit from the enhancements based on best practices. No new software to install and maintain, just instant added value."