Descartes Systems and Nextel Join Up

Companies team up to Launch Descartes MobileLink(tm) Applications Across the Nextel Nationwide Network

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Companies team up to Launch Descartes MobileLink(tm) Applications Across the Nextel Nationwide Network

Reston, Va. and Waterloo, Ont.— August 7, 2003—The Descartes Systems Group Inc., (Nasdaq:DSGX), (TSX:DSG), a provider of logistics solutions and Nextel Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq:NXTL), a digital wireless provider, announced that they will offer customers two Descartes MobileLink(tm) applications, MobileLink:Status(tm) and MobileLink:Frieght (tm), for real-time fleet management and dispatch capabilities using Nextel's Java(tm) technology-enabled phones and the Nextel Nationwide Network.

MobileLink:Status is a cost-efficient solution for drivers to transmit messages on arrivals, delays and departures, and it enables dispatchers to dynamically adjust routes based on actual performance and order changes. MobileLink:Freight also allows drivers to retrieve route itinerary, and transmit and report key route information and updates. In addition, it is currently the only logistics application that uses a wireless bar code scanner attachment on Nextel phones -- the Symbol PSM20i -- to collect shipment-related data.

"The launch of Descartes' suite of MobileLink applications on Nextel's wireless data network means that businesses are able to be more responsive to their customers, anywhere and at anytime," said Ernie Cormier, Nextel's vice president, Business Solutions. "Now companies are equipped with the mobile tools they need to efficiently manage and improve their field operations with one seamless device."

"Recognizing the growing market opportunity for wireless logistics solutions, Descartes sought to work with a wireless provider that was both well-established and focused on customer value," said Manuel Pietra, chief executive officer and president, Descartes Systems Group. "Nextel's dedicated sales force, solid customer base and ability to provide the largest all-digital wireless network in the United States, made them an ideal company to partner with. We look forward to working with Nextel as we further extend the market reach for our real-time logistics solutions."

Reflecting the range of integrated wireless dispatch and scheduling needs, Descartes MobileLink applications help to improve and streamline operational efficiencies through real-time data exchange with mobile workers in the field. This suite of wireless applications is designed to seamlessly tie field-level information directly into Descartes' routing and scheduling solutions. By keeping the entire enterprise up to date on actual status, companies can be more responsive to the fluid nature of deliveries. As a result, customer satisfaction improves due to better visibility of deliveries.

The costs for the solutions include Nextel's voice and Total Connect rate plans. An annual license fee and monthly subscription fees for the MobileLink applications apply. For more information about Nextel's service plans and pricing visit .

The alliance with Nextel complements Descartes' strengths in providing wireless solutions for logistics. It is a powerful example of Nextel's Wireless Business Solutions (WBS) initiative, which combines the applications, tools and support that companies need to achieve high performance and deliver real-time information to decision makers.