Provia Sticks With 3PLs

Supply chain execution software provider adds five new customer wins

upply chain execution software provider adds five new customer wins

Grand Rapids, MI — August 13, 2003 — Provia Software, a provider of order-to-delivery supply chain execution software solutions, announced today several new third-party logistics (3PL) client wins, including Evans Distribution Systems, Riverside Logistics, Supply Chain Solutions, Toll Logistics and Total Logistic Control.

Evans Distribution Systems, Riverside Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions said they have recently selected Provia to help manage their warehousing and transportation cycle.

As 3PLs, these companies have differing requirements for each account they serve. The logistics software they use must be easily configured to serve a wide range of customers without requiring special programming.

While Evans Distribution Systems, Riverside Logistics, Supply Chain Solutions and Toll Logistics are new Provia clients, Provia said it is also expanding its relationship with longtime customer Total Logistic Control (TLC), as the company recently won outsourced distribution operations new business with Campbell's Soup and ConAgra.

TLC standardized on the Provia suite earlier this year and now offers the company's ViaWare Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Yard Management System (YMS) in addition to Provia's FourSite 3PL solution.

Provia said international 3PL companies are using its solutions as well. Toll Group, Australia's largest 3PL, is using Provia to optimize its supply chain at a Unilever facility near Melbourne to distribute some of Australian brand-name foods, including John West Canned Fish and Fruit, Lipton Teas and Raguletto Sauces. The Toll facility ships these products to the distribution centers of major retail chains and to smaller distributors throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Because of the variable order size and distance an order will travel to its final destination, Gerard Meagher, business manager at Toll said Provia's date code functionality is giving his company a higher level of control over the freshness and shelf life of the products distributed.

"Based on where the order is going, ViaWare automatically ensures that the shelf life for each order is maximized," he said. "For example, the transit times to ship something to New Zealand or Asia by boat are quite different than shipping by truck to Sydney. Each of these products requires the same shelf life once the product arrives. With ViaWare, we can coordinate getting the right product, to the right place and at the right time, optimizing our distribution and keeping our customers happy."