Standardized Time and Labor Solutions

The State of Colorado to track employees' time spent on projects in initial step toward implementing an ERP system

The State of Colorado to track employees' time spent on projects in initial step toward implementing an ERP system

Chelmsford, MA — August 25, 2003 — In support of a recommendation made in Colorado State's report on Transforming State Government, the State of Colorado has standardized on time and labor solutions from Kronos Inc.

The recommendation specifies that, "as an initial step toward implementing an [enterprise resource planning] system, the state should implement a centralized timekeeping system for all state entities." This month approximately half of the State of Colorado's 38,000 employees are using a Kronos solution.

According to Leroy Williams, State of Colorado chief information officer, the State of Colorado needed to automate its process for tracking employees' time spent on projects throughout the workday. Williams, who works in the Office of Innovation and Technology, said he and the State are focused on the goal of transforming state government through the effective, efficient and innovative use of technology.

The State of Colorado therefore sought an enterprise-wide solution that would centralize the information and account for actual dollars spent on state programs. The state was also challenged to control and validate its leave liability.

The state selected time and labor applications within Kronos' Workforce Central suite and, currently, the Department of Natural Resources, Department of Public Health and Environment, Department of Labor and Employment, Department of Personnel Administration, Department of Law, and Department of Public Safety are all using or in the process of implementing the solutions.

The departments reported that they are experiencing such benefits as confirmation of an employee's leave balance and accurate labor tracking, which eliminates the manual payroll adjustment process.

"As a public ambassador," said Williams, "I am charged with making credible investments with the state's taxpayer's dollars. Technology purchases are solid investments because the solutions provide information to make better business decisions which improve the state's ability to serve its people."

Williams added that the State of Colorado is committed to the implementation of a solution that works for all of our stakeholders.