Cold Supply Systems and Solutions 2013

Cool chain Conference, Cold Chain conference, Time and Temperature controlled products, time and temperature sensitive products

March 6, 2013
March 8, 2013
Phone:00 44 (0) 207 096 1152

Cold Supply Systems and Solutions 2013 (CSS), the second annual Brussels Cold Chain Event, is focused on the current impact of the Good Distribution Practices guidelines concerning time and temperature controlled products within the healthcare industry. The symposium covers all temperatures below zero as well as 2-to-8 and 15-to-25; and the ‘Hottest Temperature Topic’; AMBIENT. Simply put senior EU GDP inspectors will demonstrate what the exact requirements for such products are: and how to correctly interpret the actual GDP TEXT.

CSS2013 is a premier discussion designed with direct contribution and aid of practitioners from the field. Experts engaged in both strategic and daily activities concerning temperature controlled products within the life science industry—will find the ‘open and Non-Commercial’ approach of the highest interest. CSS2013 is an End User symposium: intended and managed by colleagues from the top 100 EU pharma/biopharma communities.