Oil & Gas Logistics 2011

November 21, 2011
November 22, 2011

The cost of bringing oil and gas out of the ground is going to increase as field become increasingly challenging, while cost of alternative energy is decreasing as technology improves. One of the ways to address the challenge is to optimize oil and gas logistics. Investments in information and communication technologies, human resources, infrastructure development, collaboration with suppliers, and the outsourcing of supply chain management can save you time and money. It means staying more competitive.

The conference will benefit the attendees in understanding the core strategies involved within an efficient logistics and address key issues on:

  • · Increasing Shortage of Qualified and Specialized Logistics and SCM Professionals
  • · Investments in Information and Communication Technologies
  • · Impact of Globalization on Oil and Gas Logistics
  • · Case study on 3PL and 4PL within the Oil and Gas Industry
  • · Development of GCC-wide Rail Network and National Roadways
  • · Decline of Private Sector Participation in Infrastructure Development

· Interlinking Regional Logistics – What is the Current Status and Future Outlook?

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