Sixteenth Annual ARC World Industry Forum

Presenting the Sixteenth Annual ARC World Industry Forum: Transforming Manufacturing through New Processes and Technologies February 6-9, 2012 – Orlando, Florida

February 6, 2012
February 9, 2012

Operational excellence is fundamental to manufacturing success.  The way companies design, engineer, source, make, and deliver products - and manage their assets - determine profitability, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.  Perfect execution of today’s best practices provides competitive advantage, but maintaining this lead is an ongoing challenge.   Winning today clearly demands flexibility, agility, and continuous innovation.


New technology fuels today’s dynamic environment by enabling continuous improvements in critical areas like asset management, production efficiency, product quality, safety, sustainability, and supply chain efficiency.  Technology also helps companies retain vital knowledge, collaborate effectively with customers and suppliers, achieve sustainability goals, and improve their processes.   Additionally, companies are faced with the need to reduce costs, reduce risk, reduce project cycle time, reduce energy use, and reduce carbon footprint — and managers are being tasked to address these issues with fewer people, smaller budgets, limited visibility, and little tolerance for risk.


ARC’s World Industry Forum focuses on all of these challenges and will help you discover emerging technologies and develop winning strategies.  It provides the ideal environment for industry executives to collaborate, share ideas, and find new ways to attack their most pressing problems.  Multiple forum programs on the major issues facing our industry enable you to explore these topics from different perspectives.  Dynamic roundtable discussions provide an intimate opportunity to ask questions and share experiences with the speakers and your peers.  Owner/operators, solution providers, and technical experts will all benefit from this experience while simultaneously contributing to the community’s body of knowledge.