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Irving, Texas 75063

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PIONEERS IN SHIPMENT MONITORING Delivering detailed insight on the supply chain since 2005.

Our technologies are built to withstand the rigors of shipping, with the power to track shipments across the globe through all modes of transportation. Standards-based technologies make OnAsset products compatible, flexible and scalable. While most companies focus on tracking a vehicle, trailer or container — the proxy for what you really care about — OnAsset’s family of technologies work together to monitor individual items within a shipment.Sentinel tags transmit piece-level data to the SENTRY FlightSafe®, or other Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices, which communicates to the OnAsset INSIGHT™ platform over cell networks, including 5G. Those piece-level details show up on the customers’ OnAsset INSIGHT control tower dashboard. Sentinels continuously monitor and report temperature, humidity, light, shock, chain of custody, and more so that customers have a clear view of their cargo and conditions.

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OnAsset INSIGHT is a cloud platform that provides comprehensive features including shipment functionality, geofencing, device configuration, alerting management, and control tower operations. OnAsset’s standards-based technologies make it easy to integrate within existing systems and ecosystem partners. Our field-tested enterprise application programming interface (API) is proven and meets the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 and Annex 11 delivering secure systems for storing, accessing, retrieving, and analyzing sensor and shipment information.

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Irving, Texas 75063
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OnAsset Intelligence, Inc. provides solutions to track and monitor critical assets – anything, anytime, anywhere. Delivering the location, condition, and security information of high-value shipments, freight and equipment is what OnAsset does best. Since 2005, OnAsset has continuously been innovating and carving a path by listening to its customers and understanding their needs for capable, compliant, easy-to-use, and cost-effective supply chain visibility solutions. 

What distinguishes OnAsset from competitors is its dedication to innovation. With little investment in marketing, the company has grown on the strength of its products and leadership. 

● Adam Crossno, Founder & CEO 

● Started in 2005, with an exclusive focus on supply chain visibility since day one 

● Approved by a majority of the world’s airlines 

● 17 asset tracking and management patents 

● Products used in 160+ countries

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