Cognos, Plumtree to Deliver Dashboard and Scorecarding Apps

Will give organizations a contextual view of key performance and financial indicators

Will give organizations a contextual view of key performance and financial indicators

Hollywood, FL — October 14, 2003 — Enterprise Web solution provider Plumtree Software and Cognos, a business intelligence (BI) and corporate performance management provider, today announced an alliance to deliver dashboard and scorecarding applications for the Enterprise Web.

Powered by the Cognos scorecarding solution, Metrics Manager, and Plumtree's Enterprise Web Suite, the planned applications give organizations a contextual view of key performance and financial indicators from across the enterprise, according to the providers. In addition, the Cognos-Plumtree applications monitor performance and respond to new opportunities.

The Plumtree-Cognos applications combine the performance management capabilities of Cognos' Metrics Manager with other information, data and services available through the Enterprise Web. The companies said the goal is to enable an executive to log-in to one Enterprise Web site and access not just an executive dashboard or scorecard, but all the other Web applications he or she needs to run the business.

A typical dashboard could include balanced scorecard and Six Sigma metrics from Cognos Metrics Manager or other systems; sales bookings and forecasts; monthly close data contrasted with plan; marketing programs results and costs; upcoming company events and press releases; company announcements; customer call center queues and satisfaction data; research and development schedules; inventory levels and manufacturing production updates; competitive intelligence briefing, with news articles and analyses; systems availability and up-time statistics; and employee attrition rates and training schedules.

The companies said they are presently co-developing the solution and hope to release it as a product offering by early in 2004. Karen Williams, vice president of product marketing at Cognos, will unveil a prototype of the application at Plumtree's user conference, Odyssey 2003, as part of Plumtree's Enterprise Applications Launch.

"Our campaign against the empty portal has culminated in a program to fill up the Enterprise Web with applications, data, and services from all over an organization to give business audiences everything they need to their jobs in one place," said Plumtree CEO John Kunze. "The executive dashboard idea gives managers and executive's a bird's-eye view of their business, with the ability to drill down into problem areas."