XIO Strategies and RFID Revolution Launch Strategic Partnership

The companies will work together to promote RFID Essentials, a web-based RFID training course

AUGUST 25, 2009 - Vienna, VA and Silver Spring, MD - XIO Strategies, Inc., a supply chain management and communications consulting firm, and RFID Revolution, provider of innovative web-based RFID training, today announced that they have formed a partnership to promote RFID Revolution's RFID Essentials training course to the federal government.
"The RFID Essentials course is a robust, interactive web-based tool that brings real-world applications right to the desktop. Our decision to add RFID Essentials to our portfolio demonstrates XIO's continued commitment to delivering a complete RFID solution for our clients; from analyzing existing business processes, to managing deployment in the supply chain, to training users and other stakeholders on the technology," said James Clark, Chief Operating Officer of XIO Strategies.
Added Leslie Downey, Principal and Founder of RFID Revolution: "XIO Strategies is well known for high-quality supply chain consulting services. Listening to the client, detailed planning, and exceptional execution are XIO hallmarks. And XIO consultants know that informed clients make the best decisions, so supporting their clients' educational goals is important to them. RFID Essentials is a new kind of e-learning in which users exercise critical and creative thinking in real-world, simulated applications-exactly what they need to implement this transformative technology."