Retail Supply Chain Solution Provider Defies Downturn and Points to 2009 Growth

TradeCard reports 10 percent revenue growth last year as global network enables collaboration to support lean supply chains during recession while providing agility for growth in 2010

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New York — January 25, 2010 — Retail supply chain solution provider TradeCard is touting its results for 2009, pointing to 10 percent revenue growth in 2009 as companies sought trade financing and flexible supply chain services in a volatile global economic environment.

TradeCard offers a supply chain collaboration platform for more than 5,000 retailers, brands, manufacturers and service providers. The solution provider added 1,600 new organizations in 59 countries to its platform in 2009, with significant growth in non-traditional sourcing regions such as Central and South America.

TradeCard also said that it surpassed regional milestones of 700 members in the Americas and 3,000 in Asia, along with significant inroads into the European and Indian subcontinent supplier base.

"In 2009 retailers, brands and their suppliers focused on running lean supply chains, but they continue to recognize the urgency to ramp up as the turnaround materializes — and that's been a key growth driver for the TradeCard Platform this year," said Kurt Cavano, CEO of TradeCard.

Cavano said that TradeCard's hosted network enables agile supply networks that can do more with less during slow times and can quickly move into action when demand surges. "Automated trade documents and workflows across all relevant parties, combined with online trade financing services on the TradeCard Platform, provide a unique opportunity to reduce supply chain related risks and costs, while supporting agility to quickly adapt to demand shifts," he said.

According to TradeCard, document and workflow efficiencies through its platform span multiple trading partners within a supply chain network to generate time and cost savings for buyers, suppliers and service providers around the world. Financial services on the platform lower trade financing costs and reduce credit related risk, while hosted technology and global support delivered by TradeCard provide a low cost-to-transact, the solution provider said.

When demands increase, TradeCard said its customers are able to swiftly respond. Access to capital is available across the supply chain network, and suppliers can be quickly on-boarded by TradeCard's global support team, according to the solution provider. TradeCard also said its global network provides the necessary infrastructure to quickly shift trading partners or services from region to region as economic conditions change.

Highlights for TradeCard last year included:

  • New customers included Abercrombie & Fitch, Collective Brands, Inc. and O'Neill.
  • Expanded initiatives on the TradeCard Platform for existing customers included Perry Ellis, MAS Industries, DBA and Guess?.
  • Product launches included TradeCard Factory Xpress, a hosted factory automation solution, in Q2.
  • New partnerships included Avery Dennison to activate a major U.S. retailer and a brand owner onto joint factory automation solution.
  • And new offerings announced included a suite of sourcing services that delivers key global trade information relating to the financial health and operational stability of trading partners. Customers are able to obtain financial data and ratings of prospective trading partners through Coface Group. TradeCard Advantage is scheduled to launch in Q2 of 2010.

TradeCard customers include Columbia Sportswear, Rite Aid and Wolverine Worldwide. TradeCard Inc. is headquartered in New York City and has offices in San Francisco, Hong Kong, Brussels, Taipei, Seoul, Colombo, and Shenzhen.