SCN Summit | How to Hire, Train & Speak to Today’s Youth

October 27, 2020
October 27, 2020

In this workforce development session, find out from local professors, teachers and mentors on how to hire, train and speak to today’s youth. Find out how to “sell” the supply chain and industry, and what it takes to keep your younger employees engaged.

10 a.m. CST

Track 1: Future Skills Needed in Procurement/Supply Chain

Marisa Brown, senior principal research lead for supply chain management for APQC, will identify the skills future procurement professionals need by category and provide guidance for how organizations can close the gaps.

Noon CST

Track 2: How to Implement Remote Learning in the Supply Chain

Dr. Ian Stewart, executive director of learning Kaplan Performance Academy, discusses the ins and outs of remote learning as it pertains to the supply chain and logistics industry.

2 p.m. CST

Track 3: How to Hire, Train & Retain Young Demand Planning Professionals

 Jonathon Karelse, CEO of NorthFind Management, will share the key skills needed to identify and train new talent in demand planning.

4 p.m. CST

Track 4: How to Win the Next Generation of Supply Chain Talent

 The demand for supply chain talent reached unprecedented heights during the COVID-19 outbreak, but the industry had already been facing a talent shortage. Tom Leeper, Director of Client Services for Sevenstep, will discuss talent acquisition in supply chain and how to win the next generation of this vital workforce.