2004 Supply & Demand Chain Executive 100

Enterprises are ready to invest in technologies and services to improve their supply and demand chains. We offer a guide to enablers and service providers ready to lend a hand.

2004 Supply and Demand Chain Executive 100

Enterprises are ready to invest in technologies and services to improve their supply and demand chains. We offer a guide to enablers and service providers ready to lend a hand.

[From Supply & Demand Chain Executive, June/July 2004] The economy is steaming ahead, businesses are looking to grow their revenues, and company executives are getting the go-ahead to make significant investments in their supply and demand chains for the first time in ... well, longer than they'd probably care to remember.

Optimistic assertions, to be sure. But evidence for this confidence can be found not only in the recent pronouncements of Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan but also in the latest survey of Supply & Demand Chain Executive readers. Nearly 60 percent of the respondents to the survey expressed unqualified optimism about the state of economy; about 63 percent said that increasing revenues was a top priority for their company over the next 18 months; and fully 57 percent said that they had from $1 million to more than $50 million budgeted for investments in supply and demand chain initiatives within the next year-and-a-half. (For more results from the survey, see Sarah Murray's article "The Economy, Close to Home" in this issue of Supply & Demand Chain Executive.)

With these positive signs in mind, we are offering our readers the latest edition of the Supply & Demand Chain Executive 100, a listing of solution providers and consulting organizations that are assisting leading enterprises in enabling their supply and demand chains for competitive advantage. The editorial staff of the magazine selected the "100" from among scores of applicants based on criteria that our readers have told us, in surveys and countless interviews, are important to them. Namely, these executive practitioners are looking for solution providers that are stable, if not growing, that have relevant industry expertise applicable to specific areas of supply chain improvement, that can demonstrate a return on investment and that are continuing to drive innovation in their solutions and services.

In asking supply and demand chain enablers to demonstrate their stability, we requested that they report several key indicators as of 2003 and the change in those indicators versus 2002. Specifically, we wanted to look at data on employee numbers, revenues and total customer base. To demonstrate their level of innovation, enablers also were asked to provide an estimate of how much, as a percentage of revenues, they invested in research and development. Finally, to help our readership understand how these enablers provide a return on investment, we asked for the names of three marquee customers, information on their average implementation times and "time to payoff" or ROI on their customers' investments, and an estimate of the cost of implementation services as a percentage of hardware/software costs. Readers will find much of this information in the pages that follow, although we have withheld revenue figures for privately held enablers and R&D figures for all companies to preserve confidentiality, even though this information was used to select the "100." (Note that we have listed the "100" in alphabetical order.)

In addition, in order to provide a resource for those of our readers who currently are looking to invest in technologies and service to improve their supply and demand chains, we asked solution providers to specify which areas of the supply and demand chain they enable. This information, as reported by the enablers, is listed in the tables included in this article. We further requested that enablers cite their target customer size and target industry verticals, briefly describe the key problems they solve for their customers and provide an equally brief description of their key differentiators.

How best to use the Supply & Demand Chain Executive 100 as a resource for enabling your own company's supply and demand chain? We would suggest reviewing the tables included in this article to determine which solution providers can help enable those specific areas of the supply and demand chain that are current priorities at your enterprise. Then review the information on those providers listed below in order to assemble a list of appropriate enablers. The rest of the process, of course, is up to you, but we believe that you will find the 2004 Supply & Demand Chain Executive 100 listing an educational place to start.

2004 Supply & Demand Chain Executive 100

Key: Name (Headquarters, year founded). Empl. = number of employees in 2003 (+/- increase versus 2002). Custs. = total customer base in 2003 (+/- increase versus 2002). Impl. = implementation time (estimated average across customer base). Train. = end-user training period (estimated average across customer base). Payback = "time to payoff" on customer investment (estimated average across customer base). Svcs. = services cost as a percentage of hardware/software costs (as a ratio or percent, estimated average across customer base). Key custs. = name(s) of publicly announced reference customer(s). Hrs = hours. Dys = days. Wks = weeks. Mnths = months. N/R = not reported or not applicable. Information not included in a specific listing either was not reported or was not among factors considered for inclusion of a specific enabler in the "100" list.

SDCE 100: Specific Areas of Supply Chain Improvement, Target Verticals and Target Company Size

Acom Solutions (Long Beach, CA, 1983). Empl.: 80 (+0%); custs.: 3,000 (+10%); impl.: 6 wks; train.: 5 dys; payback: 12-18 mnths; svcs.: 15%. Key custs.: MLO Products Inc., St. George Crystal, Sierra Wireless.
Key Problems Solved: Rapid enablement of e-commerce capabilities under financial and trading partner pressure; equipping trading partners to conduct electronic transactions in all data formats and data transports.
Key Differentiators: True universal data transformation tool; low-cost, high-performance; runs under MS Windows; on-board SQL database; compatible with all ERP and operating system software.

AcquireX (Long Beach, CA, 1999). Empl.: 30 (+25%); custs.: 300+ (+20%); impl.: 4-8 wks; train.: 1 wk; payback: 3-6 wks; svcs.: N/R. Key custs.: Ascent Media; University of California, Irvine; University of Chicago.
Key Problems Solved: Customers say: Since going with AcquireX, the number of warehouse workers has been reduced by 40%, so the district is saving greatly in salary and benefits. All the associated costs of storage, delivery, spoilage have been reduced accordingly.
Key Differentiators: On-demand model reduces risk and lowers cost for rapid ROI. AcquireX offers a dedicated post-sale account manager, live customer service and full content management to load and maintain contracted pricing

Acsis Inc. (Marlton, NJ, 1996). Empl.: 100 (+15%); custs.: 75 (+10%); impl.: 24 wks; train.: 1-2 wks; payback: 9-12 wks; svcs.: 3%. Key custs.: N/R.
Key Problems Solved: Acsis solutions take users' data from the warehouse and factory floor to external suppliers and customers to enable the most effective and efficient data optimization possible.
Key Differentiators: An early implementer and adopter of RFID, Acsis combines proven software applications with service-oriented approach to offer real-time visibility across the extended supply chain.

Adexa (Los Angeles, CA, 1994). Custs.: 103 (+20%); impl.: 26 wks; train.: 2 wks; payback: 6 wks; svcs.: 1:1. Key custs.: Skyworks Solutions, Analog Devices, Quaker Fabric.
Key Problems Solved: Saving time and money on supply chain and operations planning, increasing the accuracy of plans, prioritizing capacity utilization for profitability, shortening lead-times, viewing and analyzing global enterprise data as well as site data.
Key Differentiators: Data from all planning applications are modeled together to leverage each one's value and deliver better information. Internet collaboration is inherent. Data model goes deeper than alternative SC planning solutions.

ADEXS (Chicago, IL, 2001). Empl.: 50 (+20%); custs.: 2,000 (+50%); impl.: <1 wk; train.: <1 wk; payback: 2-3 mnths; svcs.: N/R. Key custs.: CHEMCENTRAL, GE Rail, Atofina.
Key Problems Solved: DOCeXCHANGE solution helps leverage intelligent digital documents in customers' businesses, extending existing/legacy applications, and ultimately replacing costly and inefficient paper-handling processes.
Key Differentiators: A hosted solution, our DOCeXCHANGE is an alternative to expensive, complex enterprise software. Users can start immediately without putting any technology burden on trading partners or customers.

ADR International

ADR International (Ann Arbor, MI, 1986). Empl.: 30 (+10%); custs.: 100+ (+20%); impl.: 2-50 wks; train.: 1-50 wks; payback: 2 mnths; svcs.: services firm. Key custs.: N/R.
Key Problems Solved: Attain proper supplier relationships, gain control of spend, lower costs, continuous improvement, competitive advantage, faster speed to market, increased profits.
Key Differentiators: Knowledgeable, experienced purchasing/sourcing experts, experience in many market sectors, implementable solutions that enable year on year returns.

Archimedian Software (Lake Success, NY, 2002). Empl.: 28 (+125%); custs.: 27 (+250%); impl.: 8 wks; train.: 5 wks; payback: 2 wks; svcs.: 20%. Key custs.: Verizon Wireless, State of Minnesota, Linens-n-Things.
Key Problems Solved: Provide intuitive, easy-to-use sourcing software coupled with change management services to ensure user adoption.
Key Differentiators: Ease of Use, comprehensive functionality, rapid integration of customer functional requests, competitively priced.

Ariba - This is Spend Management

Ariba (Sunnyvale, CA, 1996, public). Empl.: 975 (+11%); revs: $237 million (+3%); custs.: 300+ (+10%); impl.: 10-40 wks; train.: 2-4 dys; payback: varies; svcs.: 30-70%. Key custs.: Southwest Airlines, Merrill Lynch, Saks Inc. Key Problems Solved: Increase spend visibility, streamline operational processes, reduce costs and cycle times, expedite buyer-supplier communications, leverage best-practice expertise Key Differentiators: Through robust applications and services, Ariba helps enterprise companies realize key business objectives across the ESM process and achieve significant, sustainable spend reductions.

AssetSmart (Santa Monica, CA, 1971). Custs.: 35 (+30%); impl.: 1 wk; train.: 4-5 wks; payback: 12 wks; svcs.: 35%. Key custs.: The Boeing Co., Lockheed Martin, Honeywell.
Key Problems Solved: Abilty to provide clients with total asset visibility across their enterprise for assets, property and equipment resulting in decreased capital expenditures, increased ROA and a positive impact on shareholder value.
Key Differentiators: Global asset management solution offering asset planning, budget, ordering, general and IT assets, property and equipment, calibration, maintenance, tools, materials, spares, and redeployment in a single integrated solution.

A.T. Kearney - Procurement Solutions

A.T. Kearney Procurement Solutions (Chicago, IL, 2000). Empl.: 95 (+15%); custs.: 229 (+26%); impl.: 3 wks; train.: 1 wk; payback: 3-6 mnths; svcs.: varies. Key custs.: Volkswagen, Gillette, Staples.
Key Problems Solved: Services and solutions save customers millions each year by reducing negotiated spend, tracking compliance with contracts, improving cycle times and accelerating time-to-realized-savings.
Key Differentiators: Deep strategic sourcing knowledge and history; Leading-edge eSourcing solutions; Partnership with UGS PLM to address sourcing earlier in the product lifecycle; Knowledge transfer and management.

B2eMarkets (Rockville, MD, 1999). Empl.: 75 (+0%); custs.: 50 (+65%); impl.: 3 wks; train.: 3 wks; payback: 1 mnth; svcs.: 25%. Key custs.: PepsiCo, Delta, Alberto-Culver.
Key Problems Solved: Enables companies to rapidly achieve and sustain lowest total cost of ownership by allowing sourcing professionals to focus on what they do best, strategic sourcing.
Key Differentiators: On demand eliminates the risk associated with implementing a strategic eSourcing solution. Combination of technology, services and experience helps companies drive successful strategic sourcing programs through quick and sustainable adoption.

BigMachines (Deerfield, IL, 1999). Empl.: 30 (+0%); custs.: 15 (+33%); impl.: 12 wks; train.: 4 wks; payback: 9-12 mnths; svcs.: 100%. Key custs.: SPX Lightnin, Crane Co., Quincy Compressor/Enpro Industries.
Key Problems Solved: Lean Front-End (LFE) software is an entirely Web-based solution, enabling manufacturers to make breakthrough improvements in speed, accuracy, and efficiency of selling and customer service processes.
Key Differentiators: Lean Front-End (LFE) delivers rapid profit improvements to manufacturers. Typical time required for quote generation or processing an order is reduced by 50-80 %.

Blue Agave Software (Cambridge, MA, 2001). Empl.: 30 (+20%); custs.: 5 (+100%); impl.: 9 wks; train.: 1 wk; payback: 2 mnths; svcs.: 50%. Key custs.: Hartz Mountain Corp.
Key Problems Solved: Helps consumer goods manufacturers optimize their performance with key retail customers, using real-time inventory and sales information to improve customer service and profits.
Key Differentiators: Provides ability to transform data into actionable information that can quickly preempt operational problems, recommending appropriate responses in time to make a positive impact.

CargoSmart (San Jose, CA, 2000). Empl.: 60 (+0%); custs.: 12,000+ members (+56%); impl.: 3-5 wks; train.: ongoing; payback: immediately; svcs.: 0%. Key custs.: Herbalife, OfficeMax, Pride Mobility.
Key Problems Solved: Lets customers plan, process, monitor, and share their shipment information electronically throughout the shipment cycle, saving them time and money.
Key Differentiators: Provides leading multiple-carrier ocean shipment management and integration services to 12,000+ users, delivering innovative, customizable solutions on multiple platforms with immediate ROI.

Cirqit (Whippany, NJ, 1999). Empl.: 40 (+10%); custs.: 25 (+100%); impl.: 4 wks; train.: 2 wks; payback: 3 mnths; svcs.: 50%. Key custs.: Black & Decker, John Deere & Company, JP MorganChase.
Key Problems Solved: Print spend management solution comprised of: eProcurement and price management software platform, engagement and implementation services, systems integration and application development services.
Key Differentiators: Consulting services (print assessment, strategy, supply chain optimization), business process outsourcing, price management capabilities.


Cleo Communications (Rockford, IL, 1976). Custs.: 105,000 (+10%); impl.: .5 wks; train.: .5 wks; payback: 2 wks; svcs.: 10%. Key custs.: MDV/Nash Finch, ICC.net, EC/EDI Inc.
Key Problems Solved: Allows suppliers to meet retailer requirements for data communications and data synchronization. Also helps retailers manage network deployments to secure Internet-based communication.
Key Differentiators: Solutions are cost-effective, easy-to-use, integrated and scalable. Products are mature and proven in over 100,000 installations worldwide.

CombineNet (Pittsburgh, MA, 2000). Empl.: 65; custs.: 45. Key custs.: Proctor & Gamble, Siemens, Kodak.
Key Problems Solved: Committed to helping Fortune 500 organizations make better decisions. By applying the technology of CombineNet Decision-Guidance Systems, these decisions improve financial performance and gain them competitive advantage.
Key Differentiators: Suppliers present their best, conditional offers for optimized results and collaborative relationships. CombineNet's architecture provides answers that work within business cutting sourcing time from months to days.

Comergent (Redwood City, CA, 1998). Empl.: 140 (+40%); custs.: 115 (+20%); impl.: 12 wks; train.: 1 wk; payback: 6 wks; svcs.: 1:1. Key custs.: Toro, Goodrich's Aerostructures Division, La-Z-Boy.
Key Problems Solved: Provides single face to the customer despite disparate back-end, systems, reduce order errors, lower order processing costs, enable customer self-service, decrease customer service costs, enable product information management, reduce inventory costs, increase efficiencies
Key Differentiators: Web services, message-based distributed architecture; ratio of software license to services is 1:1; one solution for customer- and partner-facing demand chain processes; proven track record, high customer satisfaction; acquired Profile Systems Inc in Jan 2004, strengthened product info; management and added vendor managed inventory solutions

Corporate Express (Broomfield, CO, 1986). Empl.: 10,775; impl.: 1 wk; train.: 1 wk; payback: 1 mnth; svcs.: N/R. Key custs.: IRS, EPA, U.S. Navy.
Key Problems Solved: E-Way assists purchasing by making it easier for customers to find, order, and track office product purchases, while reducing costs associated with the procurement process.
Key Differentiators: One of the first office products suppliers to launch an online B2B procurement system, the company takes extra measures to provide a personalized buying experience for customers.

Covigna (Mountain View, CA, 2000). Empl.: 50; custs.: 12; impl.: 6 wks; train.: 1 wk; payback: 3 mnths; svcs.: 50:50. Key custs.: General Motors, Johnson Controls, Bell Microproducts.
Key Problems Solved: Solves the challenges Global 2000 enterprises face in contract creation, approval, security, access, administration, workflow, versioning, storage, data management, compliance, negotiation, and performance management.
Key Differentiators: Rich governance features, which support management-level controls around the contracting process. Contract authoring solution works seamlessly with Microsoft Office-based business processes.

D&B (Short Hills, NJ, 1841, public). Empl.: 65 (+5%); revs: $33.1 million (+16%); custs.: N/R; impl.: 4-6 wks; train.: <1 wk; payback: 12 mnths; svcs.: 80:20. Key custs.: N/R.
Key Problems Solved: Identify new and recurring savings by gaining 100% visibility into the global spend, uncovering increased negotiating leverage, ensuring diversity of approved suppliers, reducing exposure to supplier failure, tracking 100% compliance
Key Differentiators: DUNSRight process collects, aggregates, edits and verifies data from thousands of sources daily for accurate, timely and relevant content.

DAVACO Inc. (Dallas, TX, 1990). Empl.: 600 (+30%); custs.: N/R (+31%); impl.: 1-60 dys; train.: 1-7 dys; payback: 30-45 dys; svcs.: N/R. Key custs.: CVS, GAP, Kohl's.
Key Problems Solved: Conducts online domestic and global sourcing, coordinates and executes high-volume store installations and remodels and design brand and product merchandising programs. Supports multiple industries.
Key Differentiators: Full service retail solutions, product and brand merchandising, patent-pending online sourcing platform saves clients an average of 25% on costs and up to 50% on cycle time, global supplier network to assist clients across multiple industries in sourcing goods and services, employee-based, national coverage.

Demand Solutions (St. Louis, MO, 1985). Empl.: 105 (+10%); custs.: 2,200 (+5%); impl.: 10 wks; train.: 2 wks; payback: 6 mnths; svcs.: 1:3. Key custs.: Hyundai, Ingersoll-Rand, Avery Dennison.
Key Problems Solved: Helps companies maximize efficiencies in their supply chain, empowering them to continuously improve customer service levels with a lower inventory investment.
Key Differentiators: Ease of use, accuracy of forecast, ease of importing and exporting data, general flexibility throughout the entire demand planning system.

Demantra (Waltham, MA, 1996). Empl.: 85 (+10%); custs.: 150 (+20%); impl.: 8-12 wks; train.: 6-120 dys; payback: 3-6 mnths; svcs.: 50%. Key custs.: Wendy's, Welch's, Dunkin' Donuts.
Key Problems Solved: Enabling customers' marketing, sales, finance, supply chain and operations departments to work off a single, integrated, collaborative plan to optimize service levels, increase profit margins, significantly drive customer responsiveness.
Key Differentiators: Spectrum Suite delivers advanced demand modeling to improve forecasting accuracy and optimize demand, inventory and marketing planning.

Denali Consulting (San Francisco, CA, 1996). Empl.: 25 (+9%); custs.: 20 (+14%); impl.: varies; train.: 1-3 dys; payback: 6 mnths; svcs.: 10%. Key custs.: Wachovia, Southern California Edison, Pacific Gas & Electric.
Key Problems Solved: Supply chain strategy development; complex strategic sourcing programs; supplier development and performance management design and implementation; e-sourcing strategy and implementation.
Key Differentiators: Focuses exlcusively on supply chain management solutions, only utilizes highly experienced resources, offers more flexible consulting engagements, provides better resources at lower rates.

diCarta (San Carlos, CA, 1998). Empl.: 120+ (+35%); custs.: N/R (+280%); impl.: 4-16 wks; train.: 1 wk; payback: 3-6 mnths; svcs.: varies. Key custs.: Kohler, Walgreens, Kraft.
Key Problems Solved: Companies gain control over their contract management procedures, increase visibility into contractual obligations, and drive suppliers' compliance with their agreements.
Key Differentiators: Successful deployments in the Global 2000, functionality spans entire contract management lifecycle, only closed-loop solution for driving supplier compliance, packaged solutions for major ERP systems and SAP certified.

DSSI (Southfield, MI, 1999). Empl.: 85 (+13%); custs.: 31 (+6%); impl.: 12 wks; train.: 1 wk; payback: 3 mnths; svcs.: 90%. Key custs.: Delphi, Metaldyne, DURA Automotive.
Key Problems Solved: Provides outsourced purchasing solutions. Clients centralize their indirect spend through DSSI's technology and services while aggregating volume with other clients to achieve maximum savings.
Key Differentiators: Offers a complete solution that includes technology and services. Cost savings sharing business model aligns company with its clients to achieve year-over-year savings.

EC Sourcing Group (South Orange, NJ, 2001). Empl.: 8 (+0%); custs.: 35 (+20%); impl.: 2 wks; train.: 1-2 wks; payback: 3 mnths; svcs.: 10%. Key custs.: Liz Claiborne, Benjamin Moore Paints, Connell Purchasing Services.
Key Problems Solved: Collaboration internally and with suppliers, reduced sourcing cycle-time, improved process efficiency, enhanced analysis/decision support and improved savings compared with conventional processes.
Key Differentiators: Emphasis on ease-of-use, flexibility and the entire Strategic Sourcing process (not just auctions). Other purchasing-related problems can also be addressed through client tailoring.


EDS (Plano, TX, 1962, public). Empl.: 130,000 (-4%); revs: $21.5 billion (+0%); custs.: 35,000 (+0%); impl.: varies; train.: varies; payback: varies; svcs.: varies. Key custs.: World Wide Technologies, Lotte Chilsung, QSP.
Key Problems Solved: Accelerated cost savings, increased compliance/spend visibility, reduced operational expenses, enhanced focus on core competencies/flexibility to demand changes, automated workflows
Key Differentiators: Offers sourcing, category and supply chain management expertise, industrial-strength technology infrastructure, global presence and a commitment to service excellence.

Elance (Sunnyvale, CA, 1998). Empl.: 130 (+5%); custs.: 16 (+300%); impl.: 16 wks; train.: 2 wks; payback: 8-12 wks; svcs.: N/R. Key custs.: Motorola, FedEx, Texas Instruments.
Key Problems Solved: SPM allows large organizations to gain visibility into services spend and performance, and achieve 10-20% hard cost savings across a range of service categories.
Key Differentiators: SPM addresses the entire volume of services spend in enterprise, including contingent staffing, milestone-based services, retained relationship, service level agreements, and volume-based services.


Emptoris (Burlington, MA, 1999). Empl.: N/R (+100%); custs.: N/R (+114%); impl.: 6-12 wks; train.: 1-4 dys; payback: 3-6 mnths; svcs.: 25%. Key custs.: Motorola, GlaxoSmithKline, Syngenta.
Key Problems Solved: Identifying supply base savings opportunities, negotiating with suppliers based on total cost of ownership, and measuring supplier performance and contract compliance to guarantee savings capture.
Key Differentiators: Automates spend analysis, sourcing, supplier performance and compliance process. Provides 100% spend visibility. Incorporates all total cost elements into analysis. Manages 100% of company's spend.

Epicor Software (Irvine, CA, 1984, public). Empl.: 950 (+5%); revs: $155 million (+8%); custs.: 15,000 (+0.50%); impl.: 12-24 wks; train.: 1-4 wks; payback: 1-12 mnths; svcs.: 1:1. Key custs.: Cox Enterprises, National Aquarium in Baltimore, Martin-Baker Ltd.
Key Problems Solved: Low total cost of ownership, enabling faster ROI; single source of accountability, connecting disparate process and streamlining operations; highly-scalable solutions support growth and protect investment.
Key Differentiators: One of the largest ERP vendors focused on the midmarket; Global Microsoft partner; First to market with .NET-based CRM and ESA solutions.


(Herndon, VA, 1990, public). Empl.: 515 (-7%); revs: $299.6 million (+68%); custs.: 2,500; impl.: 4 wks-6 mnths; train.: 1 wk-3 mnths; payback: 9 mnths; svcs.: 30-50%. Key custs.: Strategic Distribution Inc., American National Insurance Company, UNICCO.
Key Problems Solved: Provides enterprise cost management (ECM) solutions, incorporating procurement, asset management, product/catalog content management, supplier enablement, equipment financing and leasing, and document access/collaboration.
Key Differentiators: With over 12 years of growth and profitability, the company has constructed numerous solutions, meeting the needs of commercial, municipal, educational, and federal government customers.

Fieldglass (Chicago, IL, 1999). Empl.: 75 (+33%); custs.: 32 (Fortune 1000) (+100%); impl.: 12 wks; train.: 3 wks; payback: 24 wks; svcs.: N/R. Key custs.: Allstate, Verizon Wireless, AIG.
Key Problems Solved: Helps customers manage and control services procurement needs, whether they be permanent, contingent, offshore employees or project work.
Key Differentiators: The only vendor to have developed its entire application in-house, including the dynamic reporting tool and the integration platform. This makes InSite the industry's most flexible application.

FileNet Corp. (Costa Mesa, CA, 1982, public). Empl.: 1,710 (-3.4%); revs: $364.5 million (+5%); custs.: 4,693 (+2.90%); impl.: varies; train.: varies; payback: varies; svcs.: varies. Key custs.: Pacific Gas & Electric, Dairyland Power Cooperative, Osram Sylvania.
Key Problems Solved: Company's ECM solutions are designed to give a competitive edge by managing all content. Result: users can make better decisions, achieve goals and bring control/consistency to processes.
Key Differentiators: BPM accelerates responsiveness to business or transaction events, optimizes operational efficiency and resource utilization, enforces standards, improves process consistency, and shortens process cycle times.

Fogbreak Software (San Ramon, CA, 2001). Empl.: 35 (+20%); custs.: 5 (+400%); impl.: 12 wks; train.: 1 wk; payback: 5 mnths; svcs.: 50%. Key custs.: Symbol Technologies, Sanmina-SCI, Plexus.
Key Problems Solved: Creates a policy-driven software system-of-record based on contract terms, providing control of outsourced work, contract compliance, financial predictability, and supply chain visibility.
Key Differentiators: Combines contract terms with ERP datanew system-of-record, manages risks and liabilities, calculates financial impact of changes in relationships

Frictionless Commerce (Cambridge, MA, 1998). Empl.: 85 (+0%); custs.: 30 (+200%); impl.: 12 wks; train.: 1 wk; payback: 6 wks; svcs.: 50%. Key custs.: MetLife, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Alticor.
Key Problems Solved: SRM is developed to manage all person-to-person supplier interactions from proposal, negotiation, contracting, and ongoing performance management and governance.
Key Differentiators: Through Frictionless DNA, the software's core, a company is able to model the unique needs of their organization, without any custom coding required.

Full Tilt - Collaborative Product Information Management

(Wayne, PA, 1987). Empl.: 27 (+0%); custs.: 10 (+50%); impl.: 6 wks; train.: 2 wks; payback: <6 mnths; svcs.: 10%. Key custs.: McCain Foods, Premier Inc., Brady Corp.
Key Problems Solved: Synchronization of product information between trading partners on a continuous basis is the lifeblood of the supply chain.
Key Differentiators: Continuous Product Information Refinery repurposes product information throughout the enterprise and supply chain. Relevant information with User-defined custom product views of the data. 100% JAVA and JDBC compliant with open APIs enables easy integration.

GE Corporate Payment Services (Salt Lake City, UT, 1992, public). Custs.: 300+ (+15%); impl.: 12 wks; train.: 4 wks; payback: 12 wks; svcs.: 90%. Key custs.: N/R.
Key Problems Solved: Improved efficiency of settlement through automation, MasterCard acceptance, reporting technology, and consultative services. Corporate card and vPayment programs increase accuracy, reduce paper, and streamline processes.
Key Differentiators: GE quality-based consultative services, patented technology supports vPayment settlement tool, comprehensive Web-based reporting and self-service tools, customized payment solutions.

Global eProcure (Short Hills, NJ, 1999). Empl.: 100 (+30%); custs.: 60 (+30%); impl.: 3 wks; train.: 2 wks; payback: 1 wk; svcs.: 30%. Key custs.: Amtrak, First Data, UNICOR (Department of Justice).
Key Problems Solved: Helped companies get a better handle on their line-item spend, prioritize opportunities, help them negotiate better terms with supplier and assist on implementation of contracts and compliance.
Key Differentiators: Full Service commodity experts, management prior experience from companies such as AT Kearney and Accenture, reasonable price, focus on savings and services

Global eXchange Services (Gaithersburg, MD, 1965). Empl.: 1,561 (+7%); custs.: 34,000 (-7%); impl.: 12 wks; train.: 1 wk; payback: 3-6 mnths; svcs.: 15%. Key custs.: Tweeter Home Entertainment Group, ChinaECNet.
Key Problems Solved: Optimizes the rapid, reliable exchange of business-critical information among global supply chain partners to maximize profitability, reduce costs and expedite product time-to-market.
Key Differentiators: With 35 years experience, GXS operates one of the world's largest B2B e-commerce networks and offers a comprehensive services/software portfolio that enables transactions, integration and collaboration.

GT Nexus (Alameda, CA, 1998). Empl.: 85 (+10%); custs.: >60 (+25%); impl.: 12-26 wks; train.: 1-2 wks; payback: 6-18 mnths; svcs.: N/R. Key custs.: Xerox, The Home Depot, APL Logistics.
Key Problems Solved: A single control and visibility system, delivered over the Web, for global order and inventory management, control of transportation spend, shipment planning and optimization, supply chain execution, and performance analytics.
Key Differentiators: Functional software applications for global logistics combined with a pre-wired integration infrastructure and consolidated data store for total control of global supply chain operations delivered over the Web in a low-risk, low-cost software-as-a-service model.

HighJump Software (Eden Prairie, MN, 1983, public). Empl.: 186 (+15%); revs: N/R (+31%); custs.: 700+ (+65); impl.: 12 wks; train.: 4 wks; payback: 12 mnths; svcs.: 1:1. Key custs.: Verizon, Circuit City, Starbucks.
Key Problems Solved: Reduce manufacturing and distribution costs, optimize inventory flow, provide supply chain-wide visibility, strengthen collaboration with trading partners, meet compliance mandates, adapt to changing environment.
Key Differentiators: Offers the industry's lowest total cost of ownership through robust, standard functionality; unmatched adaptability; fast, measurable ROI; and complete integration of solutions.

Hitachi Consulting (Dallas, TX, 2000). Empl.: 790 (+0%); custs.: 119; impl.: 20-24 wks; train.: 4-8 wks; payback: 12-36 wks; svcs.: 1.5-2.0x. Key custs.: Avocent, Aviall, Viking Range.
Key Problems Solved: Partners with clients to implement practical technology solutions and key business strategies that align their business processes and requirements with IT capabilities.
Key Differentiators: Manufacturing and distribution is company's core competency. Consultants, averaging 10+ years experience, are committed to delivering measurable results and transferring knowledge.

Iasta (Carmel, IN, 2000). Custs.: 54 (+63%); impl.: <1 wk; train.: <1 dy; payback: 1 mnth; svcs.: 1:10. Key custs.: Yum Brands, Kohl's, Brown & Williamson.
Key Problems Solved: Provides cost effective e-sourcing solutions with more robust functionality and extremely rapid deployment. Primary functions include: auctions, RFx, decision analysis.
Key Differentiators: The most common differentiators from feedback of customers, prospects and analysts is that ease of use and pricing are far superior to anything else available.

ICG Commerce (Jenkintown, PA, 1990). Empl.: 315 (+21%); custs.: 140 (+25%); impl.: 8-12 wks; train.: 4-6 wks; payback: 8-12 mnths; svcs.: N/R. Key custs.: Avaya, Crown Cork and Seal, Timken.
Key Problems Solved: Identifies savings opportunities through strategic sourcing and ensures realized savings through the management of purchase order and invoice processing transactions. Effects continuous cost reductions through ongoing category management.
Key Differentiators: The only company that supports the entire procurement process with an exclusive focus on procurement. Customers reduce procurement costs through strategic sourcing, realize savings through purchase-to-pay transaction automation, and improve savings through category management.

ILOG (Mountain View, CA, 1987, public). Empl.: 609 (+2%); revs: $92.2 million (+5%); custs.: 2,000+ (+12%); impl.: 24 wks; train.: 3 wks; payback: 6 mnths; svcs.: 10%. Key custs.: Nippon Steel, MG Industries, Schneider Logistics.
Key Problems Solved: Advances an organization's management of its business policies and processes from application to enterprise to Web. Products create software architectures that allow portions of software code to be maintained, changed by business users.
Key Differentiators: JRules includes support for business process management. BRMS can be implemented on top of existing software. It can also provide application integration or facilitate the transitions from older software architectures.


(Manassas, VA, 1978). Empl.: 35 (+20%); custs.: 200 (+15%); impl.: 8 wks; train.: 1 wk; payback: 12 mnths; svcs.: 2:1. Key custs.: Exxon/Mobil, Proctor & Gamble, American Italian Pasta.
Key Problems Solved: Globalization, growth through acquisition and simply streamlining operations are just a few of the fundamental business challenges INSIGHT has helped customers to address.
Key Differentiators: Over 40% of Top Fortune 50 use INSIGHT solutions to strategically and tactically plan their supply chains. Proprietary optimization solver offers true mathematical optimization.

IRMS Warehouse Management System - Integrated Warehousing Solutions

Integrated Warehousing Solutions (Downers Grove, IL, 1984). Empl.: 125 (+5%); custs.: 120 (+18%); impl.: 20 wks; train.: 2 wks; payback: 52 wks; svcs.: 1 to1. Key custs.: Dart Warehouse, Le Mans Corporation, Illinois Tool Workers.
Key Problems Solved: Excellent at integrating host systems as well as conveyors, pick systems, etc. into the IRMS WMS.
Key Differentiators: Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through rapid implemetation, which shortens customer payback period.

Intermec Technologies Corp. (Everett, WA, 1966, unit of UNOVA, Inc.). Empl.: 2,700 (+0%); custs.: N/R; impl.: varies; train.: varies; payback: varies; svcs.: varies. Key custs.: America West Airlines, Krispy Kreme, Osram Sylvania.
Key Problems Solved: Products and services used by customers to improve productivity, quality, and responsiveness of business operations, from supply chain management and enterprise resource planning to field sales and service.
Key Differentiators: The only ADC company to offer a complete end-to-end solution, including wired and wireless automated data collection, RFID (radio frequency identification) and mobile computing systems.

IQNavigator (Denver, CO, 1999). Empl.: 80 (+10%); custs.: 30 (+30%); impl.: 6-12 wks; train.: 1 wk; payback: .5 mnths; svcs.: N/R. Key custs.: Shell Oil, Northrop Grumman, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.
Key Problems Solved: Fully automates the end-to-end processes for sourcing, procurement, monitoring and payment for outside services and contingent workforces to quickly lower costs, increase quality and responsiveness.
Key Differentiators: Delivery model enables enterprise deployment in less than three months and provides ROI in just one week. Vendor-neutrality encourages competitive bidding to save client millions in spending on services and contingent workforces.

IQR International (San Juan Capistrano, CA, 1985). Empl.: 6 (+20%); custs.: 225 (+15%); impl.: 2 wks; train.: 1 wk; payback: 3 mnths; svcs.: 31%. Key custs.: Newell Rubbermaid, Carrier Corporation, Kohler Companies.
Key Problems Solved: Identifies good and bad inventories; measures performance by inventory segment; prioritizes inventory reduction opportunities, reduces future write-offs; increases inventory turns, cash flow and profits
Key Differentiators: Only software developed specifically to identify and reduce excess inventories. Allows user to go beyond planning inventory quantities to actually managing inventory investment and performance.

Ketera Technologies (Santa Clara, CA, 2002). Empl.: 100 (+100%); custs.: 53 (+250%); impl.: 5 wks; train.: 1 dy; payback: 6 mnths; svcs.: N/R. Key custs.: Maytag, Kennametal, Avnet.
Key Problems Solved: How to find opportunities for savings, how to get better deals with fewer suppliers, how to eliminate maverick spending
Key Differentiators: Provides a spend management solution as a business service. Clients lease the solution over time and avoid the cost and complexity of software.

Kewill Systems (Marlborough, MA, 1972, public). Empl.: 150 (U.S.) (+5%); revs: $39 million; custs.: 55,000 (+10%); impl.: 5-16 wks; train.: 2 dys; payback: 3-6 mnths; svcs.: 50%. Key custs.: Smith & Nephew, drugstore.com, cooking.com.
Key Problems Solved: Shipping solutions enable users to optimize shipping, whether that is to reduce costs, quarantee on-time delivery or handle erratic fluctuations.
Key Differentiators: The solution's ability to recognize the optimal way to ship each order saves some Kewill customers as much as several million dollars a year.

LeanLogistics (Holland, MI, 1999). Empl.: 30 (+25%); custs.: 10 (+200%); impl.: 2 wks; train.: 1 wks; payback: 6 wks; svcs.: Hosted model. Key custs.: Chiquita, Barilla Pasta, Pinnacle Foods.
Key Problems Solved: Companies reduce their annual freight bill and transportation operations costs by 25 percent using optimized transportation management program. Provides complete command and control of inventory-in-transit.
Key Differentiators: Founded by logistics, transportation experts with 30+ years in the industry. Effectively blends traditional and collaborative functionality for maximum economic benefit. Provides complete daily planning, execution, and settlement functions in addition to the periodic strategic planning functions.


(Geneva, Switzerland, 1995). Empl.: 10 (+10%); custs.: 10 (+20%); impl.: 12 wks; train.: 1 wk; payback: 12 wks; svcs.: 1:5. Key custs.: N/R.
Key Problems Solved: Elimination of manual processes and redundant data entry across the plan-to-pay cycle; integrated analytics without data warehouse integration expenses
Key Differentiators: Real-time buyer/supplier collaboration across the plan-to-pay cycle; integrated analytics and performance management; specialist in complex direct materials

Logility (Atlanta, GA, 1996, public). Empl.: 140 (+7%); revs: $24.8 million; custs.: 420 (+5%); impl.: 12-36 wks; train.: 2 wks; payback: immediately; svcs.: 5:1. Key custs.: VF Corporation, Bissell, McCain Foods.
Key Problems Solved: Reduced cycle times, improved forecast accuracy, reduced transportation costs, improved pick/pack/receive capabilities, improved internal and external collaboration, increased supply chain visibility
Key Differentiators: Integrated supply chain planning (forecasting, supply, inventory & replenishment planning, global sourcing) + supply chain execution (WMS, TMS) = all from one vendor that is profitable, has no debt and lots of customers

LXE (Norcross, GA, 1981, public). Empl.: N/R; revs: $101 million (+15%); custs.: thousands; impl.: N/R; train.: N/R; payback: <12 mnths; svcs.: N/R. Key custs.: N/R.
Key Problems Solved: Develops industrial wireless data collection and transaction processing solutions including rugged computers, advanced auto-ID technologies, and wireless networking products. Offers full range of turnkey services.
Key Differentiators: Committed to long-term customer service and support; rugged, reliable computers that are easy to use; focused on warehousing, distribution and manufacturing

Manhattan Associates (Atlanta, GA, 1990, public). Empl.: 1,100 (+15%); revs: $198.6 million (+12%); custs.: 900. Key custs.: BMW Group, Giant Eagle Inc., Pfizer Canada Inc.
Key Problems Solved: Enables superior SCE performance through warehousing and distribution, transportation and trading partner management applications.
Key Differentiators: Integrated solutions leverage state-of-the-art technologies, innovative practices and domain expertise to enhance performance, profitability and competitive advantage.

MARC Global (Atlanta, GA, 1989). Empl.: 200 (+15%); custs.: 110 (+10%); impl.: 20 wks; train.: 1 wk; payback: 6 mnths; svcs.: 57%. Key custs.: Johnson & Johnson, MARS, Glaxo SmithKline.
Key Problems Solved: Optimize labor, space and inventory utilization; maximize customer service and order fill rates; eliminate inventory discrepancies and shortages; reduce operational and transportation costs
Key Differentiators: Technologically robust; superior functionality; adaptable, configurable and flexible; industry-leading processes

MCA Solutions (Philadelphia, PA, 1999). Empl.: 36 (+100%); custs.: 4 (+100%); impl.: 12 wks; train.: 1 wk; payback: 5 wks; svcs.: 35%. Key custs.: Cisco, Boeing IDS, KLA-Tencor.
Key Problems Solved: Service Planning and Optimization (SPO) integrates with enterprise systems to provide forecasts and optimize positioning and planning of service parts inventory.
Key Differentiators: Algorithms provide only multi-echelon, availabilty-based sparing solution that significantly lowers inventory and raises service levels in head-to-head competition.

Memba (London, United Kingdom, 2001). Empl.: 24 (+20%); custs.: 70 (+30%); impl.: 3-10 wks; train.: 1-4 wks; payback: 3 wks; svcs.: 100%. Key custs.: Newage AVK SEG, Npower, Pfizer.
Key Problems Solved: Lack of visibility and control (risks), lack of accuracy and consistency, long contract cycle times, loss of productivity, hidden costs and revenue leakage
Key Differentiators: A patented design based on contract templates allows company to offer a flexible contract management solution, which can address a broad range of simple or complex contracts.

MetricStream (Redwood Shores, CA, 1999). Empl.: >75 (+0%); custs.: 21 (+100%); impl.: 6-12 wks; train.: 1 wk; payback: <6 mnths; svcs.: <20%. Key custs.: TaylorMade-adidas Golf, Hitachi Computer, Wolverine.
Key Problems Solved: Solves the complex problem of compliance at the enterprise level with new organizational models, new processes and controls, and a new approach to the technology support for the compliance effort.
Key Differentiators: The only company to deliver a solution that brings together Operational Compliance and Corporate Governance into an integrated application suite.

Microsoft Business Solutions (Redmond, WA, 1981, public). Empl.: 260,000; revs: $567 million (+$259 million). Key custs.: CarboGen, Super D, Q-Media Solutions.
Key Problems Solved: Improved planning, tracking of projects; improved reporting, integration of disparate data systems; real-time information, increased accuracy, productivity; expanded collaboration; elimination of redundant data entry

Model N (South San Francisco, CA, 1999). Empl.: 70 (+30%); custs.: 7 (+50%); impl.: 16-24 wks; payback: months; svcs.: 20%. Key custs.: CR Bard, Medtronic, Reliant Pharmaceuticals.
Key Problems Solved: Enables companies to link together inter-departmental processes of pricing, contracts and payments of settlements to minimize the risk of non-compliance to government and Sarbanes-Oxley requirements, and eliminate the revenue leakage.
Key Differentiators: Created the first platform and suite that links the currently disparate sell-side processes of pricing, contracts and settlements into a closed-loop system that provides decision support and transactional capabilities.

MRO Software (Bedford, MA, 1968, public). Empl.: 889 (-7%); revs: $176.9 million (+3%); custs.: 9,500 (+5.60%); impl.: varies; train.: varies; payback: varies; svcs.: varies. Key custs.: Los Angeles Unified School District, Entergy's James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power, DTE Energy.
Key Problems Solved: Asset management, work management, materials management and purchasing capabilities help companies maximize productivity and extend the life of revenue-generating assets.
Key Differentiators: Delivers vertical functionality, often developed in conjunction with customers in demanding industries, such as pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, transportation and utilities.

Nextance (Redwood City, CA, 2000). Empl.: 100 (+30%); custs.: 31 (+72%); impl.: 6 wks; train.: .5 wks; payback: 1 yr; svcs.: 50%. Key custs.: Genzyme, Sun, Fireman's Fund.
Key Problems Solved: Increased visibility and access to all contract data, improved control over contracting processes, greater compliance enforcement and reporting, automated workflow management
Key Differentiators: Extensibility to adapt, scale to a company's organizational structure, flexibility to adapt to an organization's business processes, domain expertise in Intellectual Property and Procurement functions

NextLinx (Rockville, MD, 1994). Empl.: 150 (-10%); custs.: 80 (+15%); impl.: 6 wks; train.: 1 wk; payback: 10 wks; svcs.: 15%. Key custs.: VF Corporation, Panasonic, ABN AMRO.
Key Problems Solved: Company's solutions solve business problems like streamlining operational processes, enhancing regulatory compliance and minimizing border delays and costs while managing import and export processes.
Key Differentiators: Comprehensive repository of up-to-date global trade content/business rules. Rapid implementation technology that leverages the content from one source. Partners' best-of-breed services and customer best practices.

Open Harbor (San Carlos, CA, 1999). Empl.: 104 (+19%); custs.: 22 (+29%); impl.: 13 wks; train.: 1 wk; payback: 12 wks; svcs.: 25%. Key custs.: BEA Systems Inc., Sensormatic, AMAC.
Key Problems Solved: Automate the global trade process, simplifying international transactions to ensure end-to-end efficiency of the supply chain and compliance with government regulations.
Key Differentiators: ASP equals: up-to-date trade content, legacy system integration, adaptability to business processes, access and visibility to data, rapid implementation, quick ROI, built on a mission-critical platform

Optiant (Boston, MA, 2000). Empl.: 43 (+15%); custs.: 25 (+150%); impl.: 10 wks; train.: 1 wk; payback: 3 mnths; svcs.: 40:60. Key custs.: Hewlett-Packard, Gillette, Imation.
Key Problems Solved: Helps manufacturers use the supply chain as a competitive weapon, improving profitability, flexibility, time-to-market, customer service and end-to-end decision-making, from outsourcing to inventory levels.
Key Differentiators:: The first company to explicitly link supply chain performance to Wall Street performance, and the only to optimize decisions based on total-cost/benefit analysis.


(Pleasanton, CA, 1987, public). Empl.: 12,000 (+71%); revs: $2.3 billion (+16%); custs.: 12,100 (+140%). Key custs.: Imperial Sugar, Sprint, C.F. Sauer.
Key Problems Solved: Company's real-time enterprise solutions help organizations extend their operations beyond the four walls of their enterprise, to drive new efficiencies and eliminate waste.
Key Differentiators: Solutions offer adaptability and flexibility. They are expressly designed to help manufacturers become more demand-driven and improve profitability.

Perfect Commerce

Perfect Commerce
(Lee's Summit, MO). Empl.: 130 (+4%); custs.: 125 (+25%); impl.: 4-6 wks; train.: 1-2 wks; payback: <6 mnths; svcs.: N/R. Key custs.: Behr Automotive, Syngenta, Unisys.
Key Problems Solved: Optimization of existing purchasing and procurement systems. Onboard suppliers for fraction of cost of point-to-point connections. On ramp of weeks versus months results in faster ROI.
Key Differentiators: The Open Supplier Network is the largest independent supplier network in the world. 8,000 suppliers, 160,000 users and over 21 million SKUs of catalogue content.

PipeChain (Philadelphia, PA, 1976). Empl.: 120 (+5%); custs.: 350 (+5%); impl.: 16 wks; train.: 1 wk; payback: 6 wks; svcs.: 25%. Key custs.: Ericsson, Smurfit Stone, Volvo.
Key Problems Solved: Volvo Powertrain: "The goal was to reduce inventory and shorten leadtimes as well as increase service levels...the entire investment has paid off in less than a year, already lowered our stock by 4-5 cover days and still the service level has increased."
Key Differentiators: Ericsson: "Service levels by 100 percent...order confirmation 10 seconds...the product's simplicity, capacity to process information in real time, capability to quickly execute decisions."

PolyDyne Software (Austin, TX, 1993). Empl.: N/R; custs.: 250+; impl.: 4 wks; train.: 1 wk; payback: 3 wks; svcs.: 18%. Key custs.: Flextronics, Plexus, Sypris.
Key Problems Solved: Increases profitability, choice, and volume of EMS business won or awarded by automating repetitive and manually-intensive quoting tasks and by enabling strategic business decisions with analytics.
Key Differentiators: Complete Web-based solutions facilitating strategic outsourcing, created by EMS experts committed to delivering value-added functionality and services to ensure rapid ROI and customer success.

Prescient (West Chester, PA, 1996). Empl.: 35 (+10%); custs.: 100 (+0%); impl.: 8-12 wks; train.: 2 wks; payback: 6-12 wks; svcs.: 1:2. Key custs.: N/R.
Key Problems Solved: Solutions allow suppliers to adapt to each customers' changing business and compliance needs while improving their own decision-making across the entire supply chain.
Key Differentiators: Supply chain software and services incorporate greater visibility into real-time demand and point-of-sale information, delivering more accurate demand, replenishment and production plans.

procuri - Sourcing made simpler, smarter and faster

(Atlanta, GA, 1999). Empl.: 73 (+64%); custs.: 110 (+120%); impl.: 1-2 dys; train.: 2 dys; payback: 1 mnth or less; svcs.: bundled in price. Key custs.: Procter & Gamble, U.S. Steel, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.
Key Problems Solved: Solutions solve the problems of decentralized sourcing processes, manual negotiations, price as the only selection criteria, and lack of company-wide best practices.
Key Differentiators: Delivers rapid, measurable business results through dedication to Web-based, functionally rich and cost-effective strategic sourcing solutions.

Proficiency (Marlborough, MA, 1998). Empl.: 75 (+5%); custs.: N/R (+200%); impl.: 1 dy; train.: 1-2 wks; payback: 3-6 mnths; svcs.: 5%. Key custs.: European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company, Magneti Marelli, Wartsila.
Key Problems Solved: Helps engineers in the extended design chain collaborate on product designs despite using disparate systems. Reduces costs incurred by OEMs and suppliers, shortens design cycles, and speeds time-to-market.
Key Differentiators: Providing technology previously considered impossible, identified industry leader by analysts, enables sharing of highest level of product definition and design best practices


(Atlanta, GA, 1992). Empl.: 19 (+10%); custs.: N/R (+11%); impl.: 3-5 wks; train.: .5-1 wk; payback: 4-11 mnths; svcs.: 100% (ASP). Key custs.: ING Investment Management, LLC; Computer Sciences Corp.; Nortel Networks.
Key Problems Solved: Outsourcing procurement to Prorizon lowers operating costs and increases the bottom line.
Key Differentiators: No hardware or software capital purchases, maintenance, installation or overhead fees; virtually, instant standardization and globalization

Prosero (Atlanta, GA, 1999). Empl.: 135 (-10%); custs.: 9 (+50%); impl.: 16-24 wks; train.: 2 wks; payback: 6-8 mnths; svcs.: N/R. Key custs.: Agere Systems, H.B. Fuller Company, KB Home.
Key Problems Solved: Increase spend under management without adding headcount or investing in technology.
Key Differentiators: Integrating contract deployment and compliance management with strategic sourcing to realize and sustain cost savings and process efficiencies.

Provia Software (Grand Rapids, MI, 1988). Empl.: 115 (+1%); custs.: 137; impl.: 6-8 wks; train.: 2-3 wks; payback: 18-24 wks; svcs.: N/R. Key custs.: Gillette, TaylorMade-adidas Golf, Owens Corning.
Key Problems Solved: Helps companies get the right product to the right place at the right time in the most efficient manner.
Key Differentiators: Lowest total cost of ownership, partnership approach

Quadrem (Plano, TX, 2000). Empl.: 130 (+10%); custs.: 6,500 (+100%); impl.: 4 wks; train.: 1 wk; payback: 8 mnths; svcs.: 9:2. Key custs.: Newmont Gold, Pechiney, Shell.
Key Problems Solved: Reduces customers' costs by automating sourcing, procurement and fulfillment processes. Results: higher accuracy, accelerated inventory turns; reduced maverick spend; compressed accounts receivable cycles.
Key Differentiators:: One connection to an industrial supplier community of 6,000. Smooth implementations across countries/cultures. High-quality e-catalogue content in multiple translations. Successful international supplier recruitment, onboarding and support.

Radio Beacon (Toronto, Canada, 1992, public). Empl.: 38 (+26%); revs: N/R (+10%); custs.: 300+ (+25%); impl.: 4-8 wks; train.: 4 wks; payback: 9 mnths; svcs.: 25%. Key custs.: Gentec International, Christian Art Gifts, Purity Life.
Key Problems Solved: Increases customers' accuracy and efficency while providing them with imporved customer service.
Key Differentiators: Integrates with key mid market accounting systems and is totally Web based.

Reardon Commerce (formerly Talaris) (San Mateo, CA, 2000). Empl.: 50+ (+20%); custs.: N/R (+300%); impl.: 6 wks; train.: 1 hour/user; payback: 1-6 mnths; svcs.: N/R. Key custs.: JDS Uniphase Corp., Genesys Labs (Alcatel), Cingular.
Key Problems Solved: Provides visibility and control over indirect services spend, driving savings of up to 20%.
Key Differentiators: Specifically built for services procurement, on-demand web services based architecture, user-centric interface, fast implementation.

RedPrairie (Waukesha, WI, 1975). Empl.: 536 (+45%). Key custs.: Hershey Food Corp., ConAgra Beef, Procter & Gamble.

Resources Connection (Costa Mesa, CA, 1996, public). Empl.: 1,175 (+1); revs: $202.0 million (+11.2%). Key custs.: N/R.
Key Problems Solved: Helps companies achieve their supply chain management objectives by providing skilled professionals and customized solutions.
Key Differentiators: Uses the experience and business acumen of company's professionals in the areas of supply chain management, internal audit, information management, finance & accounting, human resources

SAS (Cary, NC, 1976). Empl.: 9.229 (+2.4%); custs.: 1,000+; impl.: 24 wks; train.: 2 wks; payback: 6-12 mnths; svcs.: 80%. Key custs.: Alcon, American Honda, Bayer CropScience.
Key Problems Solved: Turning data into unique demand, supply, operational and customer insights, supply chain intelligence delivers strategies to improve quality, profitability and customer satisfaction.
Key Differentiators: Customized performance management, supplier ranking and pricing optimization; high-level analytics: forecasting, optimization, advanced statistical routines, data mining and modeling, and ad-hoc reporting.

SciQuest (Research Triangle Park, NC, 1995, public). Empl.: 90 (+10%); revs: $6.6 million (+1.5%); custs.: 49 (+250%); impl.: 16 wks; train.: 3-5 dys; payback: within 1st yr; svcs.: N/R. Key custs.: GlaxoSmithKline, Biogen Idec, University of Pennsylvania.
Key Problems Solved: Modular applications automate the source-to-settle process. On-demand solutions integrate organizations with their suppliers to enable spend management.
Key Differentiators: When used with the SciQuest Supplier Network, these solutions help reduce redundant tasks and maintain data integrity throughout the cycle of finding, acquiring and managing goods.

SeeBeyond Technology Corp. (Monrovia, CA, 1989, public). Empl.: 670 (-12.6%); revs: $137.8 million (-9%); custs.: 1,900 (+6.70%); impl.: 12-24 wks; train.: 2 wks; payback: 6-12 mnths; svcs.: 18%. Key custs.: Lockheed Martin, Emerson, Pfizer.
Key Problems Solved: Helps organizations deploy enterprise-scale end-user composite applications built on existing infrastructure to enable single customer view, multi-channel/multi-product view, real-time stock management and IT operations convergence.
Key Differentiators: Provides the industry's first fully integrated platform for the development and deployment of composite applications.

Servigistics (Atlanta, GA, 1999). Empl.: 85 (+60%); custs.: 30 (+13%); impl.: 12 wks; train.: 4 wks; payback: 12 wks; svcs.: N/R. K