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ARCHIVED: Making the Case for Competing on Logistics Talent

There is a lot of buzz these days about there being a shortage of supply chain and logistics talent in the market. While much of the focus has been on white-collar positions, finding, hiring, and retaining talent at the frontlines of operations – such as drivers and distribution center employees – is equally challenging and important. And this holds true not only for companies that manage logistics operations in-house, but for logistics service providers as well.

At this webinar, we'll aim to answer the tough questions. Why is logistics talent becoming a competitive differentiator for companies? What high-level skills and attributes should logistics hiring managers look for in frontline employees? What are the key attributes of a successful talent recruitment, selection, and retention program? Adrian Gonzalez will discuss these questions and more as he makes the case for manufacturers, retailers, distributors, and logistics service providers to think more strategically about talent management.