RedPrairie Announces New Warehouse Management Capabilities

New features expected to optimize labor productivity and facility throughput by streamlining logistics operations

Milwaukee, WI — June 23, 2006 — Supply chain firm RedPrairie Corp. has announced a new release of DLx Warehouse with features that optimize labor productivity and facility throughput by providing logistics concepts that minimize travel time and increase operational efficiency. The capabilities are possible through a variety of technologies, including radio frequency, voice and radio frequency identification (RFID).

The solution also includes a new graphical user interface, multi-warehouse support, DB2 support and RFID compliance enhancements. DLx Warehouse introduces a zero-administration graphical user interface (GUI) client that automatically deploys client software updates across the network, eliminating the need for any client administration by IT personnel.

RedPrairie said the new GUI provides a more ergonomic design that guides users within the environment with navigational cues. RFID compliance enhancements allow the receipt of RFID labeled products from suppliers, the printing and applying of tags to product shipped from facilities, testing of encoded EPC tags, and a summary view of all RFID activities.

"Our products continue to provide technology advances that decrease the total cost of IT ownership by eliminating the dependency on third party products, providing integration to major [enterprise resource planning (ERP)] products and optimizing computing power and capacity. Our product suite — including Warehouse, Transportation and Workforce Performance solutions — is integrated and provides a common look across all modules and supports all major platforms and databases," said Tom Kozenski, Warehouse Management product marketing leader.

RedPrairie DLx Warehouse is built on a service-oriented architecture (SOA) that enables companies to use a flexible technology platform for ease of integration and long-term adaptability. Customers include Cingular Wireless, Cummins, EXEL Logstics, General Electric, JC Penney and Sony Electronics.