Metreo Releases Deal Analysis Solution

New offering aims to help companies make real-time pricing negotiation decisions

  1. Quickly assessing whether a proposed deal falls within pricing guidelines,

  2. Identifying which specific components of a deal are out of compliance, and

  3. Determining how best to make adjustments that maximize the overall value of a deal.

  1. Immediate Deal Assessment — With deal scoring, the deal desk can appraise whether a deal meets required guidelines and, if it does not, immediately see how far out of compliance it is.

  2. Detailed guideline enforcement — Using alerts, Deal Analysis identifies which specific components of a deal are out of compliance, which can be a critical time saver when a deal consists of hundreds of separate line items.

  3. Easy information access — Allows the deal desk to make quick changes or suggestions to maximize a deal's value, even at the line-item level.

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