Automating Vehicle Tracking and Management for Automotive OEMs

WhereNet marries vehicle management software, wireless real-time locating system to help process vehicles

  • Reduced on-site dwell time, enabling better yard throughput and increased responsiveness to dealer and customer demands.

  • Reduced labor cost for vehicle processing, as the WhereNet system automates and directs much of the work flow.

  • Higher-quality vehicles as the system ensures that no vehicles with known quality defects get shipped. The system also enhances quality by ensuring that no process steps are missed and that every vehicle departs in accordance with dealer/customer specifications. In addition, since the vehicles are processed in the most efficient manner as a result of intelligent move requests driven by the WhereNet system, they are moved less frequently and therefore are less likely to incur damages during processing procedures.

For more information on the use of RTLS solutions in the supply chain, see "Needle in a Supply Chain Haystack," the Net Best Thing column in the January 2002 issue of (now ) magazine.