RedPrairie, RF Code, Avery Dennison Partner

Offer active radio frequency identification-based asset tracking and security

Waukesha, WI, and Chicago — September 17, 2004 — RedPrairie Corp., a supply chain technology provider, announced this week at the Frontline Solutions conference in Chicago the integration of its LENS global visibility solution with active radio frequency identification (RFID) technology from RF Code and Avery Dennison.

The agreement will enable RedPrairie to provide a more holistic solution for global asset and inventory visibility and security, integrating its industry leading software and optimization tools with active RFID reader technology from RF Code and the active RFID Secure Strap from Avery Dennison for container security.

RedPrairie demonstrated its LENS solution, integrated with RF Code's TAVIS DataRouter data collection system for active RFID-based real-time locating of assets and Avery Dennison's Secure Strap for monitoring the integrity of shipping containers, trailers and other mobile assets, at the Frontline conference.

RedPrairie Company Leader John Jazwiec, said, "Our RFID 360 program, combined with our partners' solutions, expands our capabilities for global inventory and asset visibility and security, giving customers more advanced tools to manage their extended supply networks."