Plumtree Delivers Collaboration Server Upgrade

Latest version features integration with the desktop and personal productivity tools to promote cooperation on both sides of firewall

  • Desktop integration: Users can drag and drop desktop files to create new projects and can manage project documents in Windows Explorer like they would manage files on their desktop.

  • Groupware integration: Users can update and synchronize project calendars with their Exchange or Lotus Notes calendars to create a universal calendar.

  • MS Project integration: Users can import MS Project files as task lists, "surface" the tasks in shared calendars and generate notifications on the tasks.

  • MS Office integration: Users can create new Office or template-based files directly from projects.

  • WebEdit: Users can edit files directly on the server, making changes to team documents without downloading a local copy.

  • Instant Messaging: Customers can add presence awareness to collaboration projects so members can see who is online and instant message item owners like document authors or teammates with outstanding tasks.

  • Web Services based APIs: Customers can programmatically imbed collaboration services in dynamic composite applications.