One-For-All CRM

Globix Corp. selects customer relationship management solution to integrate with ERP, AR systems

San Francisco August 26, 2003 Software-as-service provider this week announced that Globix Corp., a provider of managed infrastructure services for business customers, has used sforce, a client/service application platform, to integrate S3 Enterprise Edition with an internal enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, as well as with Remedy A/R software linked to an Oracle database.

Globix said the integration of the systems allows it to manage information organization-wide. It also allows for management of employee tasks, automatic update of all systems via the Globix online customer portal and automation of the sales quotation process.

"We needed a solution that could share customer and sales information with our existing internal systems and business processes, without the time and expense typically involved with [customer relationship management] integration," said Henry Holcombe, chief technology officer at Globix.

With offices in New York, California and London, Holcombe said his company wanted a single, integrated CRM system for its global sales force and chose S3 with sforce to support its end-to-end business processes.

Using in-house resources and getting guidance from's Professional Services team, Globix said it was able to save money on the integration project. In addition, the integrated system has helped improve customer service. Globix said its executives could now generate additional contract revenue by alerting the sales team to up-sell opportunities, and they can also better track marketing campaigns and quantify return on investment in a timely manner.