Performance Review 2.0: Eight Ways to Overhaul Your Employee Evaluation System (and Transform Your Culture in the Process)

Gulf Breeze, FL — January 22, 2010 — Performance reviews get a bad rap these days. Employees dread them, vacillating between cynical eye-rolls and desperate last-minute bids to suck up to the boss before review time. Managers see them as an obligation to plow through before they can mark one more task off their endless to-do lists. But according to Quint Studer, performance reviews themselves aren't the problem — it's the way companies handle the review process that's flawed.

"Performance reviews are necessary," says Studer, author of the new book Straight A Leadership: Alignment, Action, Accountability (Fire Starter Publishing, 2009). "And when they're done properly, people actually like them. I mean, employees want to know how they're doing. They want to connect with their managers. And reviews give leaders an opportunity to measure performance results, reward great employees, and move not-so-great ones up or out.