10 Best Practices to Boost Demand Planning Performance

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Driving Value through Demand Planning

People: Aligning Cross-functional Resources

1. Tighten Up Objectives

2. Come Together, Right Now

3. Plan from the Inside-out

4. Get to Know Your CFO

  • the ability to more accurately predict profitability;
  • a tool for better understanding and reducing risk;
  • a direct way to improve cash flow management.

Process: Calibrating Actions to Goals

5. Network Your Way to the Top

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6. Use Metrics that Matter

7. Understand the Broader Perspective

Technology: Achieving Clarity through Information

8. Scrub Your Data

9. Build a Better Technology Environment

  • demand data can be evaluated — and adjustments made — more quickly;
  • historic views can reveal pitfalls and opportunities for future planning;
  • true data integration can be achieved between users (i.e. restaurant chains in our business), distributors and manufacturers.

10. Use It or Lose It

Start Today for Compounded Benefits

About the Author Steven LaVoie www.arrowstream.com