Supply & Demand Chain Executive

August/September 2010

For over 10 years Supply & Demand Chain Executive (SDCE) has been the only magazine in the Supply Chain industry covering the entire global supply chain that focuses on ROI, professional development and change management, all in a solutions-based format. As a C-level and line-of-business executive, you can depend on our mission-critical editorial to solve your supply chain challenges. Supply & Demand Chain Executive is THE user manual for successful supply and demand chain transformation. We help you gain competitive advantage in this complex world through hard-hitting analysis, viewpoints and unbiased case studies.

TradeCard – 'Enabling Smart Growth in 2010'

One of the Great Wonders of the World

iPad in the Warehouse

Puridiom - Tightening Up the Ship

Ariba - Ariba’s Push to Transform Business Commerce

Optricity - Profiling vs. Slotting

The Role of Quality in Supply Chain Efficiency

E2open - Three Steps to Profitable Inventory Management

DiCentral - Motivational Fulfillment and Logistics Services

How to Prepare for Global Supply Chain Disruptions

Stamping out Costs

'Blood Minerals' in the Supply Chain

Whither RFID?

It's Time to Take on Marketing Procurement

Prestolite Electric Charges up Its Inventory Management

FusionOps Insight

From FusionOps, Inc